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Long walls have been found in many parts of the world, and some have been very long. The best-known walls are Hadrian’s Wall in the UK and the Great Wall of China.

Less well-known is Khatt Shebib, a wall that crosses the desert in Jordan. The first reports of it beyond Jordan were made by British diplomat Sir Alec Kirkbride in 1948. Flying over Jordan, he noticed a stone wall that went on for miles, but seemed to serve no purpose.

In the 2010s, Aerial Archaeologists in Jordan made a new map of the wall. They recorded its full extent – it runs NNE to SSW for 106km (66 miles). There are sections with a second, parallel wall and some branches off it.

The wall also has the remains of about 100 “towers”: 2m-4m diameter buildings at various locations along the wall. Many of them are later additions, added to the wall.

No one knows more than the basic facts about the wall: no one knows what it was for, who built it and when, are all mysteries. Pottery finds along the wall have come from somewhere between AD100 and AD600, but these dates are not necessarily when the wall was built.


Momo was first sighted in the US state of Missouri in 1971. He was a 7 feet tall, hairy, humanoid creature with a large head and a very strong smell. There were other sightings in 1971, but the summer of 1972 saw a spate of sightings and publicity.

Two children saw Momo in their backyard on July 11, 1972 in the town of Louisiana in NE Missouri. This started a two-month flap. The children said the creature they saw was covered in blood and carrying a dead animal (possibly a dog or goat).

Sightings continued through July and August, and were often accompanied by a strong smell of rotting garbage, yelps and growls, and even strange fireballs in the sky. Locals organised unofficial posses to hunt down Momo, but they never found him. However, they did find an abandoned building on Marzolf Hill on the edge of the town. Many of the sightings were immediately around the hill, and the building contained a large nest and an overpowering smell. It appeared to be Momo’s den.

By the end of August, Momo sightings stopped and the mystery has never been solved. Some people have suggested it was a bear, although this idea has never really taken hold, as bears are very rare in that area. Others suggested it was a hoax. And of course many mentioned that Momo could be related to Bigfoot. But with no evidence and no body, Momo’s identity will never be solved.


You may remember that we reported on the mysterious object named “Oumuamua”, which passed through our solar system.

At first, scientists thought Oumuamua was just a comet or a rogue asteroid, but as it gets closer to Earth, it was obvious that Oumuamua was not a comet, and if it was an asteroid, it wasn’t like any asteroid known. First, because its direction showed it had come from outer space, not our solar system.

And second, because of its extraordinary shape – it was long and thin, like a spaceship.

But now the latest analysis of the way Oumuamua moved has given us proof that IT IS a type of spacecraft – probably derelict and abandoned, floating through space on an endless journey.

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Sonic booms coming from secret American plane?

All over the world, but particularly in the UK and America, people are hearing mysterious booming noises. They often occur at the same time every day, and the same booms are heard across distances of hundreds of kilometres.

What are these mysterious booms? Are they being made by a new secret aircraft? And how are they related to strange doughnut-shaped contrails that have been seen high up in the sky?

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Terrifying implications – it must mean a new type of alien

Astonishing news from the USA, where the New York Times published a story about a previously unknown UFO study programme that started in 2007. The revelation that the US government spent tens of millions of dollars on this new investigation has shocked UFO researchers.

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Ocean levels rose about 10,000 years ago, a time when “experts” say there were no civilisations or cities anywhere on Earth.

This is the conventional history that we are all taught at school.


We know that it is wrong because all over the world, people are finding the remains of cities under the ocean. We told you before about the city under the sea near Okinawa, a city that is at least 10,000 years old. But this is just one of many ruined cities, and we have news about some new ones that have been found recently.

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Lost civilisation found in India

Archaeologists have found a new “lost” civilisation in India, one that had never been suspected of existing.

They were searching the Konkan region of Maharashtra in India when they found thousands of carvings in the rocks on hilltops. The carvings had been partly covered in mud and dirt, but local people knew they existed and believed they had been placed there by the gods.

The carvings are of humans, animals, birds and shapes, and seem to be about 12,000 years old. After discovering the hill carvings, searches in surrounding villages found the same carvings in temples in around 50 local villages.

Th carvings are unlike anything else found in India, but crucially they also contain animals like hippos and rhinos not found in that part of India, as well as sea life such as whales, turtles and sharks, so the people who made them must have travelled far from this area, and therefore were hunter-gatherers who migrated around India rather than being settled in one place.

Cattle mutilation returns after a decline in events

For decades, cattle and other farm animals were found mutilated by what appeared to be medical procedures. The events often coincided with UFO sightings, and many researchers feel that the mutilations are part of experiments by aliens.

But in recent years, the number of mutilation cases has declined as mysteriously as they ramped up in the first place.

However a new outbreak seems to be happening in Latin America. An Argentinian rancher, Norberto Bieri, found seven cows mutilated on his property. All seven were pregnant, and all had had their tongues and genitals removed. Organs had been removed with precision, with no blood and wounds cauterised as if the cuts were made by laser. Animal predation has been ruled out, and scavenger animals and insects ignored the corpses. The cause of death is also unknown, as there are no signs of fatal wounds, poison or electrocution.

Bieri did tell journalists that he had seen strange things in the skies over his ranch in the past.

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