In the movie Close Encounters, Roy Neary gets sunburn on his face after seeing a UFO – a light-hearted moment in the film.
But in reality, some UFO witnesses have received much more serious burns and even symptoms of radiation poisoning.
So do UFOs give off dangerous radiation?

HOUSTON, TEXAS 29th December 1980
Three witnesses saw a large UFO that had blue lights and gave off a wall of heat. Betty Cash and her grandson Colby stayed in the car, while Betty’s daughter Vickie Laudrum got out to investigate.
When she rushed back to the car, her hand was burned on the car door, which was now very hot. Then three Chinook helicopters came and shepherded away the UFO.
Soon afterwards, all three people became ill, with headaches, incontinence and vomiting. Vickie and Colby slowly recovered, but Betty Case was much more ill, losing her hair and having to stay in hospital for several weeks.
The UFO clearly gave off some sort of radiation, but what were the helicopters doing? Were the US military involved too? The family tried to sue the US government for their costs of treatment, but the judge rejected the bid – although several other local people witnessed the helicopters, the family could not prove the helicopters were government or military ones.