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Could they still be living in remote mountains?

There are stories of giants in every culture of the world. We don’t mean stories of very tall man, although there are lots of these too, but legends of huge, hairy men of 2.5 metres,3, even 4 metres in height who lived in caves and forests. Of course, experts dismiss these stories as myths and inventions, but there is actually physical evidence that the stories are true. Especially in North America.

Now the evidence is being investigated again, and some experts are asking whether giant ape-men lived in North America until very recently. Could the stories of giants be memories of real ape-men, cousins of Homo sapiens? Skeletons found in Alaska are proof, and some people even think that the ape-men survived until the present.

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You have probably read in books or seen on TV about mankind evolving from apes. And you will have seen experts telling you that our remote ancestors all came from Africa, spreading to other parts of the world like Asia later on.

The “Out of Africa” theory that has ruled evolutionary theory for 50 years is now being overturned by shock new discoveries in Asia.

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OUMAUMAU Was it an alien spaceship?

In 2018, astronomers discovered a strange object about 30 million kilometres from Earth.

At first, they thought it was just a lone wandering asteroid, one of the rocks that exist between the planets in the solar system.

But then, when they studied it more closely, they soon realised that Oumaumau could not be a normal asteroid at all. All the asteroids in the solar system are roughly cubes or spheres, with the same width as length and height. And Oumaumau was completely different – shaped more like a spaceship.

So was Oumaumau an abandoned spaceship?

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Mysterious objects that could be alien databanks too

You may have seen a crystal skull. Companies make them to sell as ornaments in “New Age” shops.

But did you know the first crystals were made over 1,000 years ago by the lost Mexican people, the Mayans.

And the legend of the Mayan crystal skulls does make it appear that the skulls could be databanks – made by aliens!

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Aliens have been visiting Japan for over 2,000 years

Japanese chronicles and archives have many reports that appear to be of aliens and spacecraft in ancient Japan. Many of these reports have, for centuries, been interpreted as inventions, because they talk about phenomena that appeared impossible for mankind in earlier times, and so could not be explained.

But when the reports are examined again, with our modern knowledge of technology and space travel, then the “legends” become much easier to explain as reports of spaceships.

Click the link below for a summary of what we have found out about alien visitors to Japan over the past two thousand years or more.

Aliens have been visiting Japan for over 2,000 Years


UFOs have been crashing for over 100 years

Ask anyone to name a UFO crash, and they will the Roswell crash of 1947. It is a legendary event, so that you inly need to say the word “Roswell”, and everyone knows exactly what you mean.

But Roswell isn’t the only time a UFO has crashed. UFO researchers disagree on exact numbers, but there have been at least 25 crashes, and perhaps as many as 100.

Click on the link below to read about 10 UFO crashes that range over more than a century in date and on most continents. They prove that Roswell is just one of many crashes.

The Other Roswells

MA-NO UMI – The Pacific Graveyard for ships

The Bermuda Triangle is world-famous for its mysterious disappearances of ships and planes. Boats and their crews have disappeared without a trace for hundreds of years in this ocean area off the coast of Florida, USA

But have you heard of the Devils’ Triangle, Devil’s Sea or Ma-no Umi?

Like the Bermuda Triangle, this sea area has been the site of many lost ships – but the Devil’s Triangle is much closer to home. It is off the coast of Japan, in the Pacific Ocean.

The full story is here:

Ma-No Umi

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