People see UFOs across the world constantly. But most only get reported locally. Look at the list below to see how many unknown objects are being spotted.

This page will gather together reports from media around the world.

We don’t have space to give you all the details. However, we will give you a quick explanation of the sighting and where it took place. Then you can click on the link if you want more details.


August 2020

UFO sighting in Lincolnshire

On July 27th, a local man named Alex Platts filmed a UFO in the skies over the Lincolnshire town of Bourne.  Platts filmed the mysterious object from the A151 road, heading in a north-easterly direction.

The witness also confirmed there was no noise, so it was not a helicopter.

You can see the video here:

Strange green UFO over North Carolina

An American YouTuber from North Carolina spotted and filmed a strange green glowing object. He has put the video on YouTube.

The UFO appeared in the skies over the North Cas brighter than the Moon. The green colour means we can rule out any aircraft.

See the video for yourself here:

Strange light heading towards Area 51

A film crew from NBC’s nightly news programme seemed to have captured a mysterious object flying into Area 51.

NBC were reporting from a Navajo area of Arizona when eagle-eyed viewers spotted a strange light fly across the sky in the background. It was flying into the airspace above the notorious secret US military base that has long been associated with UFO reports.

The object was not the shape of normal aircraft, with no wings or engine contrails. Could it be an alien spacecraft, or perhaps a secret US military craft? See what you think by watching the video here:

July 2020

Strange cigar-shaped UFO seen in Mexico

A Mexican man has photographed a cigar-shaped UFO seen in daylight over Tijuana, close to the US-Mexican border.

Ismael Torres saw the strange object motionless in the sky for several minutes. He managed to capture images of it. Have a look and judge for yourself whether the UFO is an alien ship.

Group of UFOs seen in USA

On July 24th, observers filmed a group of UFOs over Laurel Run in Pennsylvania, USA.

The group of 5 objects, each with its own white streak running behind it, looked like spacecraft entering our atmosphere. A video shows the five objects rising up from the horizon into the sky.

Some have claimed that the five objects are fragments of a meteor breaking up, but meteors that break up usually scatter fragments in all directions, not a straight line.

Investigators have shown there were no satellites or spacecraft in the area at the time.

July 2020

UFO sighting over Horsham, Sussex, UK. Bright orange light seen high in sky, then speeded up and disappeared. For more details see:

July 2020

15th anniversary of fleet of UFOs seen over forest in Connecticut, USA. 3 silent objects seen hovering over mountains in July 2005. For more details and pictures see:

July 2020

UFO sighted by married couple in India. They caught the UFO on camera. For details and the video see here:

July 2020

Strange object seen over China and filmed. Is it a UFO or a strange new military aircraft? Judge for yourself – see the report and images here:

July 2020

UFO seen over Northern Ireland is NOT a weather balloon and remains unidentified.  It was filmed at Annalong in Co Down. For details see here:

July 29 2020

A Devon man found a possible UFO landing site when he was walking his dog. He saw flattened trees surrounded by others that are untouched.  You can read more here:

July 29 2020

Newly declassified CIA files include a report of a confirmed UFO sighting over Wigtown Scotland in 1957. Radar tracked the craft flying at incredible speeds. It also flew at heights that planes could not fly at that time.

Radar operators saw the UFO circling around the area at 60,000 feet. Even military planes at that time couldn’t fly that high. The saucer then plunged down to 14,000 feet at incredible speed. The RAF investigated, but they couldn’t explain the incident. RAF Wing Commander WP Whitworth said, “Quite definitely this was no freak. It was an object of some substance and no mistake could have been made.”

July 29 2020

Last weekend, witnesses filmed a UFO over Long Beach in California. The video has the noise of military jets flying overhead. Then the UFO flew off at high speed.

To see the video and read more, click here: