You may remember that we reported on the mysterious object named “Oumuamua”, which passed through our solar system.

At first, scientists thought Oumuamua was just a comet or a rogue asteroid, but as it gets closer to Earth, it was obvious that Oumuamua was not a comet, and if it was an asteroid, it wasn’t like any asteroid known. First, because its direction showed it had come from outer space, not our solar system.

And second, because of its extraordinary shape – it was long and thin, like a spaceship.

There was fierce debate about Oumuamua amongst scientists. Many, of course, thought it must be a special sort of asteroid, because they did not want to admit even the possibility it was a spacecraft. And Oumuamua showed no signs of giving off radio signals or having an engine propelling it.

Oumuamua changed direction

But now the latest analysis of the way Oumuamua moved has given us proof that IT IS a type of spacecraft – probably derelict and abandoned, floating through space on an endless journey.

Detailed analysis of Oumuamua’s track through the Solar System showed it changed speed and direction slightly as it came nearer to the Sun. There is no evidence of it having an engine doing this, but the only possible explanation is that the radiation from the Sun made Oumuamua speed up.

The Sun gives off a constant “wind” of radiation, and we know that this can be used to propel objects that have a solar “sail”. Instead of a cloth sail like a ship has, solar sails are made of thin films of metal, and when the Solar wind hits the sail, the object is pushed forward. We know this technology works as some of our human space probes are being developed to use it.

Scientists at the world-renowned Harvard Smithsonian Institute for Astrophysics say that Oumuamua can only have accelerated because of radiation pressure, and that pressure cannot move normal rocks.

The stunning conclusion the Harvard scientists have reached is that Oumuamua has a solar sail! So it must be a spaceship. The acceleration it made was quite small, so the solar sail it has must be damaged. But the solar sail makes it official: Oumuamua is a derelict and abandoned spaceship. It proves there are aliens elsewhere in space, with spaceships. And even government agencies like the European Space Agency do not deny the Harvard reports.