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Month: December 2019

Why do Aliens abduct human beings?

Almost every day, somewhere in the world, there is a report of an alien abduction – ETs kidnapping people and taking them for a period of time before returning them home.

Often UFO abductees say they are taken repeatedly. Many abductions involve medical procedures- either the abductee remembers their abduction and being examined or operated on, or the abductee has “lost time” where they remember nothing but have scars or wounds from some sort of surgery.

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Did real giants walk the Earth in times gone by?

Every nation and people on Earth seem to have their own stories, myths and legends about giants. They are the common type of “mythical” creature. Usually the giants are gods or demi-gods, and they often rule the land until they disappeared or were overthrown by mankind.

Is it really just a coincidence that, from Japan to Chile, Alaska to Australia, there are stories of giants?

Or did real giants actually walk the Earth in days gone by?

These are the questions now being asked by experts – and many are now concluding that all the stories of giants are based on fact. They think there really were giants.

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And there are so many mysteries about the Great Sphinx. No one knows exactly how old it is, or who built it. Despite being famous throughout the ancient world of Europe, there is no mention of it in any ancient Egyptian records, and the monument has no inscriptions on it – this is very rare in Egypt. It is the biggest statue ever found in Egypt, and yet no-one in ancient Egypt ever mentioned it at the time it was supposed to have been built. This is very strange.

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For thousands of years, Stonehenge had stood in magnificent isolation in an empty plain in southern England. We still can’t be sure exactly when it was built, or why it was built, because it was already standing thousands of years before the first written records were made in Britain. Stonehenge comes from a time of myth and legend. Was it a temple? Was it a memorial to the dead? Was it built as a gathering place? And why was this part of England covered in so many monuments and burial sites, but so few villages?

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OAK ISLAND – A real “treasure Island” But who left the treasure there?

The mystery of Oak Island has fascinated people for over 200 years. This small island off the coast of Nova Scotia, in eastern Canada, is not the classic tropical island of pirate movies -it is a temperate island covered in pines and oak trees.

But Oak Island is a treasure island, with a mysterious pit that has defeated all attempts to empty it.

So who built the incredible pit that even modern technology cannot excavate? Was it built by pirates? By the Spanish? Or is Oak Island the home of the legendary treasure of the Knights Templar?

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