Scientists at Harvard University (one of the world’s best and most famous universities) have revealed that radio astronomers have detected radio noises that could be from alien spaceships!

In 2007 astronomers first discussed a phenomenon they had heard in space. They called it “Fast Radio Bursts”. These were hugely powerful radio signals that were heard for just a fraction of a second before disappearing.

Since then, astronomers have tried to explain these radio bursts with many different theories, but no-one has been able to explain how these signals can be naturally created.

The Harvard scientists have looked at the signals again, and come to an amazing conclusion. There is no natural explanation for the signals because they are not natural – they are artificial! But they are not messages – they are radio bursts created when spaceships switch on their engines.

The power of these fast radio bursts is huge – more than the output of an entire star. The energy is released in a tiny amount of time, suddenly coming on and then switching off. The US scientists have concluded that the energy bursts are given off when spaceships use their energy drives to travel, just like in science fiction movies when ships go into hyperspace.

This sounds like science fiction too, but the Harvard scientists have had their report published in the most prestigious science journals, after being reviewed by other experts. The evidence seems clear.

Governments, of course, will not comment on the reports, but it appears we could now have evidence of ET starships.