For decades, cattle and other farm animals were found mutilated by what appeared to be medical procedures. The events often coincided with UFO sightings, and many researchers feel that the mutilations are part of experiments by aliens.

But in recent years, the number of mutilation cases has declined as mysteriously as they ramped up in the first place.

However a new outbreak seems to be happening in Latin America. An Argentinian rancher, Norberto Bieri, found seven cows mutilated on his property. All seven were pregnant, and all had had their tongues and genitals removed. Organs had been removed with precision, with no blood and wounds cauterised as if the cuts were made by laser. Animal predation has been ruled out, and scavenger animals and insects ignored the corpses. The cause of death is also unknown, as there are no signs of fatal wounds, poison or electrocution.

Bieri did tell journalists that he had seen strange things in the skies over his ranch in the past.