The Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific

The Bermuda Triangle is world-famous for its mysterious disappearances of ships and planes. Boats and their crews have disappeared without a trace for hundreds of years in this ocean area off the coast of Florida, USA

But have you heard of the Devils’ Triangle, Devil’s Sea or Ma-no Umi?

Like the Bermuda Triangle, this sea area has been the site of many lost ships – but the

Devil’s Triangle is much closer to home. It is off the coast of Japan, in the Pacific Ocean.

The Triangle has been known for centuries as a bad place to sail. It is even said to have protected Japan. Genghis Khan, the Mongol conqueror of China, twice tried to invade Japan. But on both occasions, his fleets were destroyed by strange storms and winds that appeared instantly, sank the entire fleets and then vanished again. Khan gave up his invasions plans after the second loss – and together he lost hundreds of ships and over 40,000 men. And in recent years, divers have found the wrecks of Mongol ships, confirming the story is true.


In more recent years, the sea has proved just as dangerous for more modern and stronger metal ships. In the 1940s and 1950s, a lot of fishing boats and five military vessels disappeared completely in the Devil’s Triangle, between Miyake Island and Iwo Jima. There were so many disappearances that the marine community demanded an investigation, and the Japanese government sent a research ship, the Kaio Maru, into the area in 1952. But that ship and its crew also disappeared without trace! Even though it had powerful radios and the most modern navigation and weather monitoring equipment, there was no radio signal or distress call. The ship just vanished. Some wreckage was found later, but no bodies of the crew.

After the loss of the Kaio Maru, the government did not do any more investigation. They shut down their enquiries and just told ships to avoid the area. They made no attempt to find out what happens to ships in this strange sea.

Are they hiding something? Did the Kaio Maru give any clues before it sank? Do the government know what really happens in this area? Are they covering up the answer? It seems incredible that any government would just give up like this, so we think they must have an answer – or at least clues to the enigma of the Devil’s Triangle.


Centuries ago, legend say that ships were attacked by dragons that lived under the sea. Superstition also said that devils would destroy ships to be able to eat their crews – which is why this area is called the Devil’s Sea.

But nowadays, we want to look for scientific explanations.

Many people say that the area produces uniquely powerful storms, and these are what sinks the vessels. But with modern radios and satellite technology, we would know from ships in the area if there were storms – and many ships have disappeared when the skies are clear and there is no wind.

Another explanation put forward is that there are strange magnetic fields in this area. Like the more famous Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Triangle is said to be a part of the Earth where magnetic fields are disturbed and abnormal. These make ships’ compasses go haywire, and ships could be lost because they go in the wrong directions. But modern ships use satellite directions, not compasses, so this does not solve the mystery.

That is why some have gone further, and said that the magnetic disturbances are so great, they cause much bigger problems. In metal ships, powerful magnetic fields could cause huge electrical currents in the hulls and superstructure, leading to fires or sinkings. But there have been no reports of this happening, and ships were sinking here centuries ago, when boats were made of wood.

Another theory is that under the sea, there are deep ocean pockets where methane gas exists in solid form. The extreme cold and pressure in the deep oceans means this can happen. If the methane solids become dislodged, they would rise quickly, and the methane turn to gas, causing a massive column of erupting gas that would disturb the sea and could overwhelm a ship.

This idea is possible, but it would not explain the Bermuda Triangle, which is in shallow, warm seas.


The two triangles we have mentioned are at about the same latitude. And they are not the only such areas where mass disappearances happen. Experts have found similar areas of sea and land where there are strange disturbances and mysterious vanishments. There are 12 sites in total, at similar latitudes north and south of the Equator, and spread evenly around the longitudes. They have been called “the Vile Vortices.”

What do these 12 areas have in common? There are reports that ships, airplanes, land vehicles and people disappear into think air, with no warnings and no remains or wreckage.

In these areas, people often see strange patterns in the skies or seas. Disorientation in people is common, and travellers report an eerie feeling, hair standing up on the back of their necks and strange sounds. No-one has been able to prove what happens in these anomalous areas of the Earth, but as we have reported on ley lines, the Earth does have massive energy currents flowing through it. Perhaps the 12 vortices are areas where these energy flows are disturbed and erupt above the surface, creating shifts in time and space – holes that people and vehicles slide though and disappear.


There are may closed-minded scientists who dismiss the Devil’s Triangle and other vortices:

“It’s just coincidence!”

“It’s just bad weather!”

“It’s fake – the disappearances don’t happen!”

 But the vortices are real, and they are deadly to vehicles and people travelling inside them. People continue to disappear to this day – gone in an instant and vanished into thin air, despite all the tracking software and satellite imaging we have. Lives are lost, and other lives ruined, and billions of yen are lost when vehicles disappear.

We need governments to stop denying that the vortices exist: we need them to start investigating them properly.