Japanese historical documents have reports of ancient UFOs

Japanese chronicles and archives have many reports that appear to be of aliens and spacecraft in ancient Japan. Many of these reports have, for centuries, been interpreted as inventions, because they talk about phenomena that appeared impossible for mankind in earlier times, and so could not be explained.

But when the reports are examined again, with our modern knowledge of technology and space travel, then the “legends” become much easier to explain as reports of spaceships.

So here is a summary of what we have found out about alien visitors to Japan over the past two thousand years or more.

Legendary gods or alien spacemen?

Japan’s traditional gods were said to come from the sky (most gods, all round the world, come from the sky). And in Japanese legends, many of the gods come down to Earth from the sky in a bright light, a “sky boat” or clouds of smoke.

These gods are not ethereal creatures or spirits – they are physical beings, flesh and blood, who can be touched and even hurt. They need to eat and drink, they can be injured, and they can even be killed.

But they are not human either – they are often larger than us, with greater strength. Many can fly. And a lot of them have strange powers. They are not human – they are superhuman (greater than human).

These characteristics of our gods are the reasons why experts are beginning to reinterpret historical records of visiting gods as, in fact, visits from aliens who came to Earth in their spacecraft. They have a physical form. They travel in skyships or came down from the sky in clouds of smoke or emerge from a bright light. These do sound like garbled reports of aliens landing in spaceships. And when you look at legends again, thinking about the “gods” as alien visitors, then a lot of legends sound like ETs coming to Japan.

For instance, the Nihongi or Chronicles of Japan tell us that the gods Taka-mi-musuli-no-Mikoto and Oho-hiru-me-no-Mikoto gave Japan to the ancestor of all the Emperors, Hiko-ho-no-ninigi-no-Mikoto. The gods carried him to Japan by opening a “cloud-path.” Doesn’t this sound like aliens bringing someone to Earth on a spaceship, coming down through the clouds (or perhaps clouds of smoke from a rocket engine?)

Hiko-ho-no-ninigi-no-Mikoto went on to found the first dynasty of Emperors. We believe this is actually the story of aliens bringing a trained human to Earth to rule on their behalf.

And another striking feature of the story is the date given to it. At the time the story was recorded, people thought the Earth was created only a few thousand years ago. But the Nihongi legend says the gods came to the Earth 1.7 million years ago.

The Nihongi says the gods returned to the Earth later, and they interbred with the “sons and daughters of the Emperors” i.e. the Japanese people, creating stronger and more intelligent humans.

Perhaps this is another garbled version of real history? Perhaps aliens helped genetically engineer ape men to create the first human?  And then returned later to interbreed, to make more evolved human beings?

The legend goes on to say that humans rebelled against the Emperors until Prince Ninigi was carried to Earth on a “Floating Bridge of Heaven” and re-established the rule of the Imperial family. Once again this shows the gods didn’t just make people magically appear on Earth out of thin air – Ninigi had to be physically delivered on the “Floating Bridge”, which is clearly a spaceship.

Aliens in historic times

The legends are talking about a time more than a million years ago, but there are much more recent stories, not from the times of legend, that seem to show spaceships coming to Earth.

So in the 18th year of the Emperor Suinin (about 2000 years ago in the Yamoto dynasty), 9 “suns” appeared in the sky above Japan. These lights were as bright as the Sun but smaller, and their appearance led to unrest against the Emperor. There is only one explanation for this event – the 9 “suns” were in fact spaceships, bringing aliens back to Earth to try to interfere with the rule of the Emperors.

(This is not the only report of this sort of event – there are similar stories at other dates of this happening in China and in Europe).

But there were an even more remarkable set of sightings in the 680s and 690s AD. Earlier in that century, there were strange sightings of new stars, suns and skyships in other parts of the world – especially Europe. By AD680, the UFOs had moved on to Japan, and Japanese archives list many appearances in the skies over Japan. Here are just some of them:

AD 680 – there was an unexpected eclipse of the Sun, and at night, the skies to the East were as bright as day for 4 hours. (Perhaps a large spaceship passed in front of the Sun to make the eclipse happen?)

AD 681 – after a comet appeared in the sky, “Mars” was seen to enter the Moon. (Obviously the planet Mars did not move into the Moon, but this could be how people then would have interpreted a red light in the sky, a spaceship, that landed on the Moon.)

AD 682 – a strange new star appeared in the sky, then travelled across it from East to West until it disappeared over the horizon. (Obviously this cannot be a star or planet – it must be a large spaceship.)

Also AD 682 – a “skyship” in the shape of a Buddhist baptismal flag was seen in the skies of all parts of Japan. It made white vapour appear over the mountains before it disappeared. (This sounds like a large spaceship, with the vapour coming from its engines.)

AD 684 – a huge comet-like object (but not a comet) crossed the sky, and a few months later, 7 new “stars” appeared, travelling together as a group. (This must be a group of spaceships.) Two days later, a star fell to Earth, followed by many smaller ones (this sounds like a spaceship crashing after an explosion, with debris falling from the sky after the main crash.)

This burst of activity sounds like a UFO “flap” as we have today – a series of UFO sightings in one country over a few years that ends as suddenly as it begins.

This Japanese flap in the 680s was the most concentrated group of strange sightings in all the archives. However, there were many later UFO sightings in the archives, although they are much more spread out – only a few per century at most. The Cosmic Brotherhood, a research group in modern Japan, have identified over 70 UFO sightings between 830 and 1830.

In the modern era, sightings have increased again. With a much greater population, and modern communications, reporting UFOs is much easier. So it is no surprise that there are more sightings recorded. But there is no doubt that Japanese chronicles and folklore list tens of UFO sightings over the past 2,000 years. There were probably many more that were never written down- witnessed by farmers who could not write, so no records were kept.