A bridge in Argentina has acquired a ghoulish reputation, as an accident blackspot, but also a haunted sight. The high death rate in accidents and the sightings of ghosts mean that locals think the bridge may be cursed.

The bridge is near the town of Campo Viera, in the far north east of Argentina, and carries Highway 14 across a river. It became notorious for the number of accidents on the bridge after fatal crashes in 2011 and 2012.

The first accident happened when a lorry collided with a car, killing the two men inside the car.

Then ion 2012 a police officer collided with a crash barrier on the same bridge and was killed (no other vehicle was involved).

Then a few months later, a young man was found dead on the river bank by the bridge, a week after he disappeared from his home. He had not said anything to anyone about leaving, and there were no clues as to why he had been near the bridge. There were also no signs of an accident or injuries. The death was a mystery, but local said it was because the bridge was cursed. It was built during the time of the brutal military dictatorship, and there were persistent rumours that dissidents were killed at the site and then thrown off the bridge or even built into its foundations.

And as well as the accidents, there have been ghost sightings on this haunted bridge. The first sighting logged by police was in 2013, when a truck driver told police he had hit a woman crossing the bridge. But no body was found, despite the driver’s insistence he had hit someone.

Then later the same year, an engineer said a similar thing happened to him when he drove across the bridge.

Then in 2016 there were two separate sightings on the same day of a woman who the drivers said they hit.

Local stories have said that the ghostly woman is a local teacher who killed herself after becoming pregnant when she was not married, while others say it is the ghost of one of the murdered dissidents. No ne can be sure, but the haunted bridge continues to have a bad reputation.