Almost every day, somewhere in the world, there is a report of an alien abduction – ETs kidnapping people and taking them for a period of time before returning them home.

Often UFO abductees say they are taken repeatedly. Many abductions involve medical procedures- either the abductee remembers their abduction and being examined or operated on, or the abductee has “lost time” where they remember nothing but have scars or wounds from some sort of surgery.

Are abductions real?

Of course there are many people who dismiss any reports of alien abductions as lies or stories told by people with serious psychological problems. But top psychologists and psychiatrists have spoken to abduction victims, and they have found that most abductees have no psychological problems at all. Most also pass polygraph (lie detector) tests.

Dr John Mack was a world-famous psychologist at Harvard University in the USA, and he studied abductions. He started as a sceptic who thought people were making up the stories, but after decades of study, he became a firm believer, and convinced many of his colleagues too. He said, “The majority of abductees do not appear to be deluded… lying, self-dramatising or suffering from a clear mental illness.”

In other words, something really did happen to these people.

John Mack became the number 1 world authority on abductions and organised many international conferences that studied the events. By using hypnosis and regression, he was able to get detailed testimony form victims, revealing a lot about what aliens were doing to the people they took. He was rumoured to be about to announce major new information, when he suddenly died in 2004 when he was hit by a car in London. The accident appeared to be random, as the car was driven by a drunk driver, but there is still some mystery over Mack’s death, and some believe he was deliberately hit by the car to silence him, because his studies meant he was learning too much about the alien abductions.

As well as the eye-witness testimony of the victims, there is also a lot of physical evidence of abductions. Many abductees have been examined by medical personnel after their returns and show signs of surgical procedures. The surgery is not faked or self-inflicted, and indeed there are almost no abductees who would have the knowledge to fake the signs of medical procedures.

And in some victims, mysterious implants have been found in their bodies. They have been removed by surgery and examined by medical and material experts. No one has been able to identify exactly what the implants do, but they do not match any known Earth technology, and many are made of alloys that have never been seen on our planet before. We cannot be sure, but we can assume that the implants are alien-made, and act as location devices or medical recorders.

How are people abducted?

Most Alien abductions take place at night, and people are taken from their own homes as they are sleeping. Many victims have no conscious memory of being abducted – but they do find time has gone missing for them, and when hypnotised, they can be regressed to expose their subconscious memories of the abduction.

But most victims do remember at least some of their kidnapping. They usually describe the appearance of a bright light in their bedroom, which wakes them up. The light seems to paralyse them so that they cannot move. The beam then lifts them out of the bed and they are carried up into a spaceship. Victims usually live on their own, so there are no other witnesses (like most UFO sightings, most abductions involve only one person, which makes sense as the aliens are obviously working on a secret project and would not want a lot of witnesses!)

There have also been some cases of people being abducted from vehicles. In fact, the first really famous UFO abduction, of US couple Betty and Barney Hill, was from their car in rural America. You may have seen the movie telling the story of the Hills.

Once people are taken, there are two main types of experience. Some say the aliens just talk to them, show them around their spacecraft and talk about the need for humanity to live together in peace. But this is not typical.

The usual scenario is that abductees are kidnapped and taken against their will. They are then examined medically. As we said earlier, they have operations performed and some have implants inserted into their bodies. Abductees in these sort of cases (the majority) also have shown signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, like many victims of more conventional kidnapping and abuse by humans. Some victims (mostly but not exclusively women) also report sexual experiences, where aliens have sex with them.

Most abductions involve medical elements, so we can only conclude that aliens abduct humans to conduct experiments. Many abductees are normal healthy people (it is rare for disabled or seriously ill people to be abducted). These have tests performed on them, and because abductees are taken repeatedly, the victims must be part of long-term experiments.

The use of implants also suggest that abducted people are being used in a medical experiment. Aliens could use the implants to track the locations of their victims, as we humans use implants to track the locations of animals. But implants could also be used as medical recorders, taking readings of the victim’s major health signs. Again, this is very like the way human doctors use implanted medical devices to track the spread of an illness, the lifestyle of a patient or the effects of a new drug.

The sexual experiences also appear to be medical related, rather than happening because of lust. Victims often become pregnant, or if men are used to impregnate aliens, the aliens become pregnant. These types of abductions seem to be happening to produce human-alien hybrids – creatures who are part-human and part-ET. There is a French-Canadian woman whose mother was abducted and became pregnant afterwards. The woman is the daughter born after that liaison, and doctors have said she shows signs of extraordinary strength and powers, and possibly some psychic abilities too.

Are aliens trying to create these hybrids to help humanity develop, or to replace us? We think they want to help us develop – if they wanted to wipe humanity out, their superior technology would make it much simpler to wipe out people through warfare. Aliens seem to want to help humanity evolve to the next level faster. Human evolution created a whole family of different human species over the past few million years – but now only our own species, Homo sapiens, survives, and we have made no evolutionary advance over the past 100,000 years at least. Most countries have myths about how gods interbred with humans, creating bigger, stronger, smarter and healthier people. UFO abductions sound very much like a modern version of these legends.

Why don’t government stop abductions?

The number of abductions is not slowing down. Whatever experiments the aliens are performing, they have not finished them yet.

Why haven’t government done anything to stop abductions? This is what the victims all demand to know – but they will not get an answer.

There is only one explanation – and it is a dark and sinister one. We know our governments work with aliens, and so we can only conclude that our own governments are letting the aliens abduct and traumatise abductees. Our own politicians are allowing aliens to abuse humans. Perhaps because government also wants the medical information the aliens are getting?

Or perhaps governments are helpless as the abductees – unable to stop powerful aliens taking people like laboratory animals. That is a very dark thought.