Ley Lines part 2

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It is now clear that ancient peoples knew things about the Earth that modern science is only just beginning to consider. The ancient peoples knew that energy flowed through the Earth (something most scientists still deny), and so they built their temples, churches and shrines on these lines of power – perhaps to use the energy flows in ways we still have to discover.

Although ley lines were rediscovered in Europe in the early 20th century, in Asia our shamans, priests and philosophers knew about them too. In China they are called dragon lines, and the Earth energy is called ch’i, qi or ki. As we know from the art of Feng Shui, locating your home on a flowing current of ch’i brings better health, wealth and happiness – and Feng Shui is used even today to site major construction projects.

Feng Shui teaches us how to tap into Earth or telluric energy, and this is also why ancient races sited their important monuments on ley lines – to use the energy inside the Earth to make their lives better. They may have talked about dragons, or serpents (as the Aborigine Australians do), or just the power of the gods in particular sites, but tapping into telluric energy has been important to religions for thousands of years.

This energy is not a myth or legend – it is real and measurable. And now we think aliens are tapping into this energy too.


Studying old stories and legends shows that UFO sightings goes back centuries, if not thousands of years.

Long before mankind had powered flight and aircraft, there were UFO sightings in every culture. As we have said many times, ancient legends talk of gods coming to Earth on fiery sky ships, flying chariots and the like. But more recent records over the past 500 years give us many thousands of examples of unidentified flying objects in archives, newspapers and books. The closer to the present we come, the more there are. In the 1890s in North America and Europe, before airplanes started flying, the sightings were often described as “balloons”, the only flying objects mankind had at the time. But these “balloons” were not balloon-shaped, and could fly against the wind thanks to some sort of engines.

And here is something that makes us think that the connection between UFOS and ley lines goes back millennia. As we said, in China, leys are called “dragon lines”. The dragon has various forms, but is a legendary creature all over the world. It is so common that some thought it must be some strange race memory of dinosaurs (even though they died out 65 million years ago).

But is there another explanation? Dragons are flying creatures huge in size, with great wings and breathing fire. Could the myths about dragons come from a distorted memory of alien aircraft or spaceships? With great spread wings and smoke coming from jet or rocket engines, to an ancient person, an airplane could be mistaken for some great flying creature.

Are dragon lines called that because ancient peoples saw UFOs flying along them?


It is now clear there is a link between ley lines and UFOs, thanks to the dedication and work of several UFO researchers. The suggestion that UFOs followed ley lines was first suggested in the 1960s, but it was just a theory with some anecdotal stories about major UFO sightings near ancient monuments such as Stonehenge in Britain.

But now there is proof. UFO reseacrhers have built up huge online databases of UFO sightings, going back not just to the first modern “flying saucer” sightings in 1947.

And when these huge lists of UFO sightings were compared to sites of ley lines, there is a clear pattern. Many of the world’s greatest hotspots, places where there are hundreds of UFO sightings, are also major junctions or meeting points between different ley lines. There is a clear statistical link – scientific proof that UFOs are linked to ley lines.

And when UFO specialists studied detailed reports of sightings, they found that the UFOs didn’t just appear at places where ley lines cross – they actually fly along the ley line path.

So, what is the link between UFOs and ley lines?


One of the greatest mysteries about the alien spaceships we see in our skies is: how do they fly? They don’t usually have wings, and they don’t appear to use jet engines or rockets like our own spacecraft. There are no vapour trails or clouds of smoke, and they didn’t even make a noise when they fly.

These differences between UFOs and our own flying craft are the reasons why so many scientists say UFOs are not spacecraft at all. Their logic is flawed: they think because we can’t build circular objects that can fly without jet engines or rockets, then that must be impossible.  But this “logic” is so obviously flawed that even children can see it is wrong – it is prejudice or a closed mind, disguised as science.

Another major difference between UFOs and our own flying craft is that they have been seen flying at incredible speeds, with instant and massive acceleration; and they seem able to change direction instantly. These are all impossible with conventional rocket or jet engines.

So, UFOs have some other sort of propulsion system we do not understand. It is small, silent and can produce instant acceleration and change of directions.

Eye-witnesses who have seen UFOs landing, and even witnesses who have been taken aboard spaceships, also confirm there are no signs of conventional engines. There are no large intakes, no exhaust nozzles, and inside the craft, no huge engine rooms.

UFOs must use a completely different form of propulsion to anything we know.


It is as if UFOs have no engines at all. And this has been confirmed by people who say they have worked with aliens at Area 51 and other secret bases. These witnesses have all said that UFOs use a special sort of propulsion that seems to come from “thin air” and which doesn’t need engines. The UFOs seem propelled on waves of power that flow through them.

Many are now concluding that UFOs use flows of energy from inside the Earth to power themselves. They don’t need large engines because the Earth currents act as their engines.

This radical proposal answers many of the mysteries about UFOs. It explains why they are seen flying along ley lines It explains why they don’t appear to have any engines. It explains why they fly without making any noise.

Have ETs found a way to use the energy flowing inside the Earth to fly over it? Imagine if we could do the same with our own aircraft.


Because they follow Earth energy currents, ley lines are a vital part of our planet. And perhaps in the future, we will have the same respect for them as our ancestors did, finding ways to use the energy.

But there could be a negative side to ley lines too, because they also seem to be linked to earthquakes and seismic activity.

Some ley lines are only 50 or 100 kilometres long, connecting a few sites. But there are also major ley lines that run for thousands of kilometres across the world. These lines have major ancient monuments, and when they have been checked by dowsers, they say the energy levels on these major lines are many times more than “normal” lines.

The links between ley lines and earthquakes have been discovered in recent years, as more people studies the lines and as details of all earthquakes have become available online. Researchers compared ley lines and seismically-active zones and found that many of the major ley lines run along fault lines in the Earth’s crust.

This doesn’t seem to be a coincidence, and perhaps we could even say it is logical that there is a link between ley lines and earthquake zones. Energy currents running through the Earth could well get their energy from the massive energy released during earthquakes – or perhaps the energy currents “feed” earthquakes energy.


The next phase of research into ley lines has now started, to study the connection between ley lines and seismic activities. Some experts are already saying that they hope that studying ley lines and measuring their energy levels regularly may allow us to see if the flows of energy are increasing.

Conventional science has been trying to predict earthquakes for many years but has never been able to find a way to do it. Dowsers and ley line researchers think that there must be a link between line energy levels and earthquakes, so increasing energy could be an early warning that an earthquake is about to happen.


We are only just starting to learn about ley lines and earth energy, but it is obviously going to be a vital new science in the coming years. It could lead to predicting earthquakes, it could lead to new aircraft that don’t need engines. It will certainly allow us to understand our home planet better.