UFOs have been crashing for over 100 years

Ask anyone to name a UFO crash, and they will the Roswell crash of 1947. It is a legendary event, so that you inly need to say the word “Roswell”, and everyone knows exactly what you mean.

But Roswell isn’t the only time a UFO has crashed. UFO researchers disagree on exact numbers, but there have been at least 25 crashes, and perhaps as many as 100.

Examining these crashes is important. The locations show where UFOs are active – when looking at any list, it is very obvious that a lot of UFO crashes are in or near mountains, in deserts or near the sea. Of course, mountains are good places for UFOs to hide, as there are so few people and mountains can be used as screens. And the connection with the sea could be similar – the sea is mostly empty of any ships.

If an alien spacecraft is going to crash, because of damage or an equipment failure, the pilots would obviously not want to reveal their existence by crashing in the very populated area. So they must try their best to crash well away form population centres, so that their fellow ETs and their human allies can get to the crash sites and recover or destroy the wreckage before witnesses find it.

Here is a list of 10 UFO crashes that range over more than a century in date and on most continents. They prove that Roswell is just one of many crashes.

1897 Aurora, Texas, USA

The year 1897 was marked by hundreds of strange sightings in the skies over the USA (and other countries). 6 years before the Wright Brothers flew the first aeroplane, people were only able to compare what they saw the balloons, the only manned flying machines at the time. But what crashed in Aurora could not have been a balloon.

The reports say that a strange flying craft was seen over the town. It passed over, then crashed into a windmill and exploded. (A balloon would not fly fast enough to explode if it crashed, and human balloons only used hot air then, which is not explosive either).

The story also says a strange, alien body was recovered from the crash and buried in the local cemetery.

1908 Tunguska, Siberia

One of the most famous unexplained events of all time, on 30th June 1908 there was a huge explosion over the Tunguska river in a remote part of Siberia, part of the Russian Empire. The explosion was vast – the heat and blast were felt almost a thousand kilometres away. The crash site was uninhabited and far from the nearest village. And it was not until 1972 that a scientific expedition visited the site.

People had assumed that an enormous meteorite has caused the explosion, but the site had no crater and no meteorite remains. Trees had been flattened over hundreds of square kilometres around the site, but at the centre, trees still stood. The site was not like any meteorite crash seen, but the people who lived nearest to the site on the day of the explosion said they saw an oval object flying through the sky and changing course before the crash. So most people conclude that this was a crash of a spaceship that exploded in the air just before it would have hit the ground.

1953 Kingman, Arizona, USA

Kingman is in the Arizona desert. A witness who said he was working for the US government nuclear bomb project said that in 1953 he was rushed to a site outside the town, where they found a flying disc that had crashed and was partly buried in the sand. The witness was sworn to secrecy and then asked to calculate how fast the craft was flying when it hit the ground.

He also said that others on the site said they had seen inside the craft and its control room. A small alien creature was being treated at a medical tent on the site. And later other witnesses said that just after the crash, several alien bodies were received at the Wright-Patterson airbase, the same base that wreckage form Roswell was sent.

1957 Ubatuba, Brazil

An unnamed witness contacted the local paper in Ubatuba, near Sao Paulo, to say he and some friends were fishing at the beach when they saw a flying saucer plummet towards to sea and explode just above the water. The witness managed to recover a few fragments of the exploded craft and gave them to the newspaper.

The journalists sent samples to American and Brazilian experts. The Brazilian expert did an initial test, finding the sample was magnesium of a purity we could not produce on Earth. But most of the samples were sent to the Brazilian and US Air Forces for analysis. Both air forces refused to say what results they did get, and that the samples were lost or destroyed in the tests.

1962 Nellis Air Force Base (Area 51), Nevada, USA

An object was first seen in New York State, and tracked westwards until it reached Reno, Nevada, when it was seen to turn a right angle and fly towards the Nellis Air Force Base (now better known as Area 51). Over Nellis it disappeared from the skies. There were over 1,000 eyewitness reports, including airline pilots.

At the time the reports were of a spectacular meteor, but later eye witnesses emerged with facts that proved the official story was a cover-up. It was revealed that the object had landed near the town of Eureka, Utah, causing a complete electric blackout before taking off again. The right-angle turn was impossible if the object was a meteorite. And an air force source revealed that they had scrambled several jet fighters to try to chase the object (meaning they knew it was not a meteorite, but a craft of some kind).

1967 Shag Harbour, Canada

On the night of October 4th, 1967, something crashed into the sea waters of Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia (Canada). During the evening there were various witnesses who saw at least one and as many as four glowing objects moving slowly across the sky. Airline crew on an Air Canada flight saw one object at about 7.15pm, and witnessed two explosions near the object, as if the craft was being shot at by anti-aircraft guns or missiles.

Then at 11.20pm that night, several witnesses called the police and military as they had seen or heard something crash into the sea with a loud bang. Police arrived quickly and saw the last parts of the object disappear beneath the waves.  They called rescue teams and later divers who combed the scene, but the object had disappeared with no wreckage found either.

Many think that the object had been fired on by the military and later crashed, exploding underwater and completely disintegrating.

1974 Berwyn Mountains, North Wales, UK

On the night of January 23rd, 1974, local residents in the Berwyn Mountains of the North Wales region of the UK reported seeing a bright light in the sky, then a loud noise and the ground shaking as it disappeared over the horizon. Geologists at a nearby university later confirmed a small earth tremor (magnitude 3) was recorded that night.

Stories soon emerged suggesting that it was a UFO crash, but officials soon claimed that the incident was a meteor and at the exact same time the minor earthquake. Rumours of military personnel rushing to the sight were also denied. But then in 2010 secret files revealed that there was a large military exercise in the area that night and there were eye-witness reports of an object being flushed out of the sea by British military aircraft and then being chased towards the mountains.

It appears that this incident was a UFO crash, with at least one spaceship shot down by the Royal Air Force. There may have been a second object crashed nearby, and witnesses did emerge who said they saw the military closing roads and taking something away on trucks.

1978 Bolivian/Argentina Border

One of the few UFO crashes with a lot of eyewitnesses and official documents confirming the crash. In May 1978 Bolivian newspapers carried reports of a crash of what the Bolivian government described as “an artificial satellite” on the Taire Mountain just inside Bolivia. The American embassy diplomats and CIA agents followed up the reports and heard stories of an egg-shaped object about 4m across that had crashed and was recovered. There had been a spate of UFO sightings in the area in the days before the crash.

The Bolivian government asked other countries, especially the USA to help investigate. It was confirmed that no human satellites had crashed in the area or were missing. Stories continued in the media for days but then news dried up and in Argentina it was reported that the Bolivian military had cordoned off the site. They denied this and said a search of the site had found nothing. There were later reports, however, that a Hercules freight aircraft took away an object.

Just like Roswell, officials first confirmed a crash and then denied in in a coverup. Something clearly crashed that was not natural or human-made.

1986 Height 611, Dalnegorsk, Russia

On January 29th, 1986 many witnesses saw a reddish ball of light, nearly half the size of the Moon, flying silently over the town of Dalnegorsk in Siberia. The objects were flying just under a kilometre high, and at the slow speed of about 50 kilometres per hour. It flew out of the town towards the nearby hill Height 611, then crashed into the hill.

Witnesses and officials hurried to the crash site. There was no aircraft or spacecraft wreckage, but the area was covered in drops of a silvery metal and there were also mesh fragments and strange beads. There was no radiation on the site, but when people tried to develop the photos they had taken of the site, the film was blank. Analysis of the mesh showed it made of an alloy unlike anything ever made on Earth.

The following year, another object was seen hovering over the crash site and shining a powerful light onto the ground, as if it was looking for something from the crash.

1996 Varginha, Brazil

There were a series of sightings of UFOs and an alien creature in the Brazilian City of Varginha in 1996. UFOs were seen in the skies and then three women (two sisters and their friend) saw an alien creature walking unsteadily, as if it had been in an accident. The girls screamed and ran off, thinking it was the Devil. There was a strong smell of ammonia on the site, but the creature had gone.

A few days later a second creature (or possibly the same one) was found lying in a street and was taken away by Brazilian military trucks. And a third was seen at the local zoo, watching the animals on display (some of the animals later died).

The Brazilian military denied everything, but the UFO sightings in the city continued long after these events.