The Bermuda Triangle is sometimes called the Devil’s Triangle. It is a triangular or quadrangular area lying in the Western Atlantic. So it runs from Bermuda down to the Caribbean and then across to the Azores in the east.

The Bermuda Triangle has become notorious since the 1940s. Because of the number of boats, ships and aeroplanes that have disappeared without trace. Many have left no wreckage, and not given any radio distress calls. Where there have been distress calls, the callers have often said that they are disoriented. Many have said that the sea or sky look strange. Often, people report time disturbances and magnetic disturbances that mean their compasses and navigation systems aren’t working properly. Often the disappearances happen in perfect weather conditions, not storms.

What is going on in the Bermuda Triangle? On the pages shown below, you can read more about the Triangle and the most famous and mysterious disappearances.

Flight 19 – the start of the legend

Bermuda Triangle Secrecy and Cover-up