Were the city builders helped by aliens?

When historians first started to write textbooks on the history of civilisations, they firmly believed that societies evolved gradually, in small increments. Nomadic tribes settled and created a small village that then slowly grew into a small town, then a city.

In short, cities evolved over a long time.

But actually, modern dating techniques have revealed a shocking truth – large cities often appeared out of almost nowhere!

All over the world, dating techniques have shown that the first cities civilisations built did follow on the same site as preceding villages, but not over hundreds of years, but over a few years or a decade.

Jericho, the famous city mentioned in the Bible, is one of the oldest cities built. It’s over 11,000 years old. For a thousand years, it was a small village built on the site of a spring, but then suddenly 10,000 years ago, it became a small city. It went from a few tens of houses to a city covering 109 acres, with a huge stone wall surrounding it and a 10 metre high tower. The population grew from 100 people to 3000 almost overnight.

No one can explain why it suddenly grew so big.

And as you can read elsewhere, there were at least two “instant cities” in Latin America – see here for Teotihuacan and here for Tiahuanaco.

There are many other instances like this in other civilisations, where there were sudden leaps from small villages to cities with monumental buildings.

What caused these sudden changes? They are not typical of the way cities developed later. If you look at city development in the past 2000 years, they have evolved gradually. Gradual development seems to be the natural way cities grow up. So something different must have happened with the development of these older cities. There must be some outside influence, something outside the normal.

That influence must be a more advanced group of people, with superior technology (as the fast-appearing cities all have monumental buildings made with very large blocks of stone. Legends often call these the “gods”, but they are obviously not human. So could the “gods” be aliens, who helped humanity build their first large cities.