Did the Ancients use magical energy forces flowing through the Earth?

Many ancient civilisations sited their cities and monuments on sacred sites that were defined by magical powers that surfaced at those sites. Caves and springs, where things came from within the Earth itself, were specially treasured. And from ley lines in Europe to dragon lines (feng shui) in Asia, there were magical pathways underground that channelled power and magic between these sites. You can sense this power yourself by going to any ancient sacred site – close your eyes and empty your mind, and you will sense something special.

Modern science is beginning to catch up with this ancient knowledge too. Investigators have noticed that UFOs are regularly sighted along seismic faultlines, where the energy of the Earth is visible in the ground. And utilities companies use the still-unexplained phenomenon of dowsing to find underground cables and especially water pipes and streams. Crop circles are also much more common in areas where there are ancient, prehistoric monuments like Stonehenge.

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