Many people who work near the Triangle will tell you that information about it is kept secret within those communities. Local people are reluctant to discuss disappearances, even amongst themselves. Some attribute this to superstition (“if we don’t talk about it, it won’t happen to us”), fear or embarrassment.


There is also official secrecy. If you ask any official body about the Triangle, they will try to change the subject. Or they will dismiss the disappearances as coincidence. Their classic answer is, “This huge area is very busy with ships and planes, so a few are bound to go missing.”

But when you ask them to explain the reports of magnetic disturbances, strange sea or air conditions, they will not talk any longer.

And if you ask them how many military planes and ships, with the latest navigation equipment, can vanish without a trace or a call, they find it impossible to keep up their cover story.


Why are all these officials keeping information so secret? What are the officials hiding? Are they embarrassed to admit they don’t understand, or is there a deeper mystery here?

If you read the theories people have about possible explanations for the Triangle, you’ll read about UFOs and portals to other parts of the Universe.

Perhaps those explanations are the reason for the secrecy? As researchers, all we can do is to keep asking questions.