Terrifying implications – it must mean a new type of alien

Astonishing news from the USA, where the New York Times published a story about a previously unknown UFO study programme that started in 2007. The revelation that the US government spent tens of millions of dollars on this new investigation has shocked UFO researchers.

One of our colleagues in the USA contacted us as soon as he heard:

“This is incredible. It must have had the highest secrecy, because no-one knew – even our military contacts hadn’t heard about it. There were no clues and none of the top experts were involved. And some of the things they’ve found are amazing. There’s video of an American warplane surrounded by a glowing object that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It must have really scared them!”

Why are the Americans studying UFOs again, when they already work with ETs?

This new programme has our American colleagues worried. As you know from our newsletters, the US government has been working with aliens for decades – ever since the Roswell crash in 1947.

So, everyone thought all American military research programmes on UFOs had been closed own long ago. Why study UFOs when they can just ask the aliens who fly them?

This new programme can only mean one thing. There must be new UFOs coming to the Earth that have nothing to do with the aliens who are already here!

There must be new aliens in our solar system.

What does this mean? Are the new aliens a threat? The US military and their ET allies must be worried if they had to start investigating in the highest secrecy.

Should we be worried by this? It is far too early to tell, but our American UFO experts are investigating urgently to try to find out more. So far, they have not been able to find out anything, because this new UFO programme is being kept more secret than any of the previous ones.

The new aliens could just be explorers, and the Americans are just being cautious. Perhaps they are already new allies for the US.

But if that was true, why do they need to study the sightings?

It seems more likely that these new aliens are not friendly, at least at the moment. So, are they a threat to our planet? We don’t know. And we can be sure that the Americans are asking the same question!