Mysterious objects that could be alien databanks too

You may have seen a crystal skull. Companies make them to sell as ornaments in “New Age” shops.

But did you know the first crystals were made over 1,000 years ago by the lost Mexican people, the Mayans.

And the legend of the Mayan crystal skulls does make it appear that the skulls could be databanks – made by aliens!

The first crystal skulls were found in the Central American jungle in the 19th century, as American and European explorers and archaeologists started finding lost cities. The first was sold by the famous American jeweller Tiffany to London’s British Museum in 1898.


But the most famous crystal skull was discovered by a British explorer who was one of the inspirations for the movie character Indiana Jones. An expedition led by Frederick Mitchell-Hedges found the lost Mayan city of Lubaantun in 1924. The Mayans were the people who ruled Central America from southern Mexico to Panama for over 1,000 years.

But after the Spanish invasion of this area in the early 16th century, the Mayan civilisation finally collapsed. (For centuries, the Spanish were accused of destroying this mighty society, but modern research has proved it was already on the verge of collapse because of climate change).

The skull was found by Mitchell-Hedge’s daughter Anna in the ruins of the city. One day she decided to climb one of the pyramids. She reached the top and was looking around the city site when sunlight glinted off something showing though a crack in the pyramid wall. She couldn’t reach it, so next day returned with her father’s team of workers and they took several weeks to remove enough stones for Anna to get inside the pyramid and pick up the object. It was dirty, but as she cleaned dust off it, she realised it was a beautiful crystal skull.

Ever since that skull was found, there has been endless speculation about what it was for. Anna eventually moved to Canada, and her skull was examined by many experts. How was the skull made? It comes from a single piece of rock crystal, and shaped by patient craftsmen, who had to use abrasives to slowly shape it. Some say it would have taken decades to shape, because each step had to be done slowly and carefully, to avoid splitting the rock. It couldn’t be carved with chisels for that same reason.


But did the Mayans make the skulls? In fact, their own legends say that they didn’t! Mayan tell tales of 13 crystal skulls they were given by the gods. The legends also say that each skull contains vital knowledge that could help mankind survive any disaster.

So, the crystal skulls are not just ornaments – they are an elaborate data bank too, given by the gods. And as we know from many reports, ancient stories of gods visiting Earth are in fact garbled memories of aliens coming to our planet. The Mayan legends about the skulls are in fact describing a data storage device given by ETs to the Mayan ancestors.

This may sound strange. How can a crystal skull store data? But today we use silicon chips to store data, and rock crystal is made of silicon too. In fact, scientists are working to develop crystals for data storage too – so the idea that a skull could store data is not fanciful or strange at all.


Anna’s skull – and others – have undergone scientific tests. It was tested by famous US electronic company Hewlett-Packard. They found that the skull was carved slowly using small diamonds to rub away the crystal (tiny diamond particles are embedded in the crystal surface). But Hewlett-Packard could not explain how this had happened without the skull breaking. When experts have tried to recreate the process used to make the skull, they kept breaking the crystal into pieces.

Anna’s skull is the best-known, but others in museums (also found in Central America) have also been tested.

And this is where the story takes a very odd turn. Because those other tests were carried out by the British Museum, the world-famous London history museum. And when the staff made their report of findings to their superiors, they were told to cover up the results and never give any information to the media.

Did the British Museum tests prove that the skulls do contain secrets from aliens? Did their scientists discover the proof that ETs made the skull? Why is there the cover-up?

Crystal skulls are as mysterious today as they were when they were first found. Many fakes have been put onto the market, but there are several genuine skulls, and all of them are unexplained.

Will science ever solve the mysteries of these fascinating skulls? No-one knows. They continue to baffle our scientists and prove our science does not know the whole truth about our planet’s history.