They might seem to be strange questions, but a lot of scientists are beginning to believe that our Moon may not be natural and could be artificial. There are increasing calls to send new probes and even manned missions to the Moon, because there are so many questions and doubts.


Most scientists currently believe that the Moon was made when another planet collided with the Earth during the formation of the Solar System. The collision knocked a large amount of molten rock off the primeval Earth and that molten rock then went into orbit, cooled and formed the Moon.

This theory should mean that the Moon is made up of the same sorts of rock as the Earth. It should have the same sorts of properties and density too.

But tests performed on rocks brought back to the Earth shows that Moon rock is very different to Earth rocks. NASA looked at the different metals in Moon rock, and they found that the mixtures are very different to the Earth. In particular, Moon rock contains nearly 10% titanium, compared to less than 1% on Earth. Space scientists cannot explain this great difference (but it is interesting that titanium is used by us to make aircraft and spacecraft because it is very strong for its weight).

Another unexplained problem is that Moon rocks are magnetic, when the science behind the theory about the creation of the Moon means they should not be magnetic at all. Earth has magnetic rocks because it has a magnetic field. The Earth’s magnetic field is created at the very centre of the Earth, in the rotating core of molten iron. If the Moon had been formed by a planet colliding with the Earth, then the rock that was knocked off the Earth would NOT be magnetic.

Moon rocks being magnetic means that the conventional theory about the Moon’s formation must be wrong.

These discrepancies between the way the Moon was supposed to have formed, and the real test results, mean that scientists are now beginning to look for a new theory about Moon formation. So how as the Moon formed?


Even before man landed on the Moon, some scientists were questioning whether it is hollow. In 1962, Nasa scientist Gordon MacDonald said exactly that, after analysing the Moon’s gravitational field. But dramatic evidence came in 1969 after Apollo 12 became the second manned probe to land on the Moon. After the astronauts launched their lunar module back into space and docked with the orbiter, they let the used landing module drop back to the Moon, so that probes on the Moon could make seismic readings.

The results astonished everyone, as the seismic waves rang through the Moon for over an hour. As one scientist said, “It rang like a bell”. And it could only ring like that if the Moon was much less dense than the Earth or even hollow. Even 50 years after that test, scientists cannot explain the ringing with their conventional model of the Moon’s structure.

Although most scientists don’t want to admit the truth, their tests have shown the Moon cannot have been created from the Earth. The rocks are wrong chemically, and they are magnetic. And either the Moon is much less dense than the Earth, or it is hollow. And if it is hollow, then it must be artificial, as natural processes couldn’t make a hollow moon.

The other strange thing about the Moon is its size. Our Moon s over 2000km in diameter. There are one or two bigger moons in the Solar System, but they are moons of much bigger planets than the Earth (like Jupiter or Saturn). Our Moon is actually a quarter (25%) of the diameter of the Earth – by comparison, the next biggest as a percentage of its planet is Titan, only 4% of the diameter of Saturn. Our Moon is freakishly large compared to the nearly 200 other moons in the Solar System.

So we can be quite sure the Moon was not created from the Earth or the same cloud of gas that the Earth formed in.

This leaves only two possibilities.

First, the Moon could have formed somewhere else in the Solar System and was then captured by the Earth. But the huge size of the Moon compared to Earth makes this impossible – it would have had too much energy to be grabbed and moved into orbit and would have just shot past the Earth.

So that leaves only one other possibility.

The Moon was deliberately moved into position around the Earth, by a race of aliens. This would also explain why the Moon appears to be hollow (it would make it easier to move). Perhaps the Moon is somewhere else and was hollowed out. Or perhaps it was constructed – and that high level of titanium could indicate the Moon is artificial (after all, we make our own spaceships and aircraft out of titanium).

This is why people say that when we look up at the sky at night, we see “The Spaceship Moon.”