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You have probably read in books or seen on TV about mankind evolving from apes. And you will have seen experts telling you that our remote ancestors all came from Africa, spreading to other parts of the world like Asia later on.

The “Out of Africa” theory that has ruled evolutionary theory for 50 years is now being overturned by shock new discoveries in Asia.

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Did real giants walk the Earth in times gone by?

Every nation and people on Earth seem to have their own stories, myths and legends about giants. They are the common type of “mythical” creature. Usually the giants are gods or demi-gods, and they often rule the land until they disappeared or were overthrown by mankind.

Is it really just a coincidence that, from Japan to Chile, Alaska to Australia, there are stories of giants?

Or did real giants actually walk the Earth in days gone by?

These are the questions now being asked by experts – and many are now concluding that all the stories of giants are based on fact. They think there really were giants.

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