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Mysterious objects that could be alien databanks too

You may have seen a crystal skull. Companies make them to sell as ornaments in “New Age” shops.

But did you know the first crystals were made over 1,000 years ago by the lost Mexican people, the Mayans.

And the legend of the Mayan crystal skulls does make it appear that the skulls could be databanks – made by aliens!

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Teotihuacan has been a mystery for hundreds of years. A city of 150,000 people that was at its peak 1,500 years ago, by the time of the Aztecs 500 years later, no-one remembered who had built the city and why it was abandoned. It became the city of legends and stories.

And even now, with the nest of modern archaeological methods, we still don’t know the ethnic origins of the people who built and lived in this enormous city.

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Tiahuanaco The greatest mystery in the Andes

High up in the Andes of Bolivia, there are the ruins of the city of Tiahuanaco, the greatest mystery in the Andes. At over 4,000 metres above sea level, it is at a higher altitude than even the highest European mountain. It seems a strange site for a city – and yet over millennia, a series of cities have been built there. And no-one knows who built them!

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